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Cynthia's Thoughts
September 30, 2018, 11:00 AM

Just like a bad penny, I keep coming back.  I know I have missed a few Sundays, but it is not beause of anything at the church.  Our congregation is one of the friendliest, loving groups you will ever meet.  Even Bailey loves everyone who enters the office.  Her tail goes at 100 miles a minute because she knows she is loved too.  I admit that I spoil her a little, but she spoils me with her greeting in the morning and all through the day.  I just have to call her name and I hear her tail banging against the wall.  Some people may not like dogs or any other pets, so you can ignore all the wonderful things I say about my precious pet.  I do not mind because I have enough love for my four-legged girl to last a very long time.  The minute I get her collar down, the howling starts.  She is really very entertaining.  I remind her that she is not a dog who normally howls.  That is my story about Bailey, who has been my very best friend, for 10 years and I hope for another 10 years.  Blessings!

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