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Cynthia's Thoughts
October 14, 2018, 11:00 AM

I am waiting for Bailey's steps to be delivered.  She is having a hard time getting out of the car.  She is fine going into the car first thing, but she does get really tired from her hard work at the church.  I keep telling myself to leave her at home, but I tried that once and I left hearing her howling like a wolf.  I turned around and told her that she can come with me and the howling stopped.  Yes, I know she is spoiled but she also spoils me with her personality.  If you have animals you know that "look" when you leave your four-legged family at home and you picture a sad face.  She seems to know when she really can't go with me.  That is when Bailey stops the howling, takes a nap, and waits for me to get home.  For me, it feels like I am away from her for a month.  She truly is my buddy.  She takes her duty seriously for greeting everyone every Monday and Wednesday.  When we are ready to go home, she is happy to get in the car with "mom."  The next step is for her to climb on her chair when she gets home and take a little nap before dinner.  Blessings to all.  Enjoy your day.  I hope you find time for fun.

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