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Cynthia's Thoughts
March 17, 2019, 11:00 AM

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day. I personally stay home because of the chance that a fight will take place.  It really upsets me when people try to enjoy something and it takes one person to upset the apple cart (so to speak).  I used to love going to parades, but I stay away.  It would be so much fun if we did not have to worry about fights amongst the people who are there trying to enjoy a day with family and friends.  I pray for the police to have a fun day and not have to watch people fighting, swearing, and drinking until they are completely drunk. Whatever happened to people being nice and polite?   I love to see young children up on Dad’s shoulders.  It brings a smile to an innocent child’s face.   Think about all the good things that happen, and enjoy the surroundings.  Okay, I am off my soap box now but I still want everyone to be safe.  Enjoy the rest of your day!  Blessings!

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